Dear reader, My companion Taj and I experience such depth and harmony in our relationship that giving thanks to life for its benevolence seems no longer enough. Today we are ready to share with you the results of the work we have been devoted to together. As a resolution for happiness directly attunes to the laws of the universe, there comes a time when the blessings of such an ambition must be brought out in the open. We salute those who feel in resonance with the trajectory we offer. Welcome all lovers of life, nature and sincerity.

What to say about myself? At fifty-eight, I own little of this world, no diploma, no career, no children, no material possessions to manage, no legacy to pass on. Still, everything I need is given to me. I want for nothing. Life has cared for me, always, and guided me to cultivate what was already within myself. I chose not to adhere to any culture or any belief in particular. If there is a God, his realm is universal and established in every form of life. The joy and inner peace that I enjoy, originate from the one divine flame alive in each of us. This light manifests through my intuition, through the warm vibrant eyes of other living beings, and through my inner explorations that continually prompt me toward further purification and transformation.

What to say about Taj? Profoundly sincere and magnetic, Taj was somewhat slower progressing on the path of personal evolution. I perceived his impatience and dissatisfaction, reasons for which he could disclose only to himself. Long back, he chose to face his demons, without duplicity, without lies and I was straight away moved by his unwavering commitment to inwardly revolutionize. In September of 2012, at fifty-three, he kick-started his own renaissance with a great spring cleansing by means of a total fast for twenty-eight days. During those four weeks, he only drank water warmed by the sun. The outcome of the fast was an opportunity for a new beginning. Taj fully recovered and enjoys radiant health, physically, emotionally and spiritually. I sense he has reawakened deep aspirations within himself. It is a pleasure for me to rediscover him afresh.

What to say about us as a couple? We are two angels destined to be with one another. Designed to be complementary, to mirror our particular slants, to battle ignorance and to inspire each other on the path to emancipation. Living together is a promise of a union that never quite materializes. Separation is not an option as we are made for each other. We have to improve. The egos take all the punches. Tears are flowing... We recover... Our weaknesses waiting around the next bend... By the grace of faith we stay clear of the temptation to destroy. We choose to love. We grow in consciousness, in presence. Finally, the couple forever renewed, realizes that love is strongest. Doors open. Nothing belongs to us, not even the couple's story. When two souls hold hands, they weave the thread of love connecting all souls.

Today, Jo & Taj work and live in Tamil Nadu, south-east India.