cosmos108 is the result of a pledge towards evoking a truly peaceful heart in action. It wants to be a tool for unification and realization. Aren't we all, each in our own way, dancing the one dance of life? The cards, the songs, and the positive energetic vibration underlying the texts, all contribute to make cosmos108 a powerful path of transformation.

Divine knowledge flows like a stream from within,
I consciously connect with it, breathing in, breathing out.

Unexpectedly, circumstances in life may challenge the strength of my determination and self-confidence... In reality though, it's only the present moment, I need to travel through. Each time I choose to come back to this essential awareness, I bear witness to the consciousness flowing within.

There are no accidents, not among the stars, nor in our human destinies.
Each and everyone of us is solely responsible.

cosmos108 consists of a combination of energetic circles, cards and songs. By working with these three components, you will become a healer of your innermost feelings and relationships. We are but a single cell of the body of humanity. By cherishing and cultivating what unifies us, we grow into the one consciousness that animates all beings.